Nañia Mille

A few words about Nañia


Nañia was born in the spring of 1974 in the north of France. Nañia Mille grew up surrounded by the love of animals. She engaged in literary studies and spent her free time reading, writing, dancing and horse riding.

She moved to the south of France with her horse and dog and entered CREPS in Montpellier to become a ballroom dance teacher.

Whilst she was studying to become a dance teacher she also worked at a sports complex where she obtained a diploma as a Self Defense Instructor.

Five years later, whilst on a trip, she decided to move to New Caledonia.

A few years later when traveling the world, whilst she was in Gabon, she gained her Veterinary Assistant Diploma specializing in wild animals.

The “Mille” Arts of Nañia

    When she returned after a car accident, she couldn’t reopen her dancing school, so she changed her career path.
Nañia obtained a diploma in Behavioral Canine Training, at the same time, started in the audiovisual sector as an animal trainer, choreographer, script assistant and writer. She also did some work as a model and supporting actress.
When she was 44 years old, Nañia left the Pacific to go and settle in her dream place, Andalusia.
She mainly dedicated her time to writing and is an author of various books.

The “Mille-ion” arts of Nañia!